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this version of me! is now an alternative version to the one on my profile page.

hello! i am one of the most subpar players ever. i enjoy playing all modes, but i mostly play taiko. i also play a little bit of standard and catch, but i don't play mania too much.

recently i have been mapping songs that i like. please try them out and give me feedback on my mapping. thanks!

to the few people that are watching the replays from the scores i set: thanks for watching! :)


100 favorites is not enough...

list of favorites, continued from my profile page:


for the few people that care about how i play:
keyboard and mouse: actual potatoes
aspect ratio: 4:3

standard playstyle: mouse + keyboard

taiko playstyle: keyboard ddkk

catch playstyle: df on left hand for movement, k on right hand for dash.

mania playstyle: absolute defaults (dfjk, sdf<space>jkl, etc)